A Little Sugar Portfolio 50th Birthday Purple and Gold
The theme was "Fifty and Fabulous" and the table displays an assortment of mini desserts, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini macaroons. The only candy that was used were Ferrero Roche. The cake, petite desserts and macaroons were made by a vendor. Trashthetic created an amazing vintage inspired wine glass charm that I used to help decorate the table.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Baby Lion Baby Shower
The table was created for a baby shower, their invites had a baby lion on it saying how "a little cub is on the way." I figured I will use that theme throughout the table as well as the decor. This is a mixture of candy and customized desserts with cupcakes and blue frosting on top.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Dodgers theme
This was a father and son party, they combined their birthday party together and wanted a theme about the one thing they both love, THE DODGERS. Instead of the traditional desserts and candy, we wanted to incorporate the baseball feeling by serving peanuts and cracker jacks.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Golf theme
This customized dessert table actually has an extra table that extends and was created for 150+ for the Cidar Sinai Coach for Kids golf tournament in Malibu, CA. We used a variety of green candy and a few baked desserts and added moss and green cloth to bring the golf theme to life.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Hello Kitty
The party was set at a park in one of the hottest month of the year, August. The colors were chosen by the birthday girl using pink and purple. The candy and a few customized desserts like cookies and cupcakes with hello kitty's face on it helped bring out the theme.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Mad Men/Pin-up Girl Theme
This 40's and 50's inspired 31st birthday dessert table used an assortment of red and black candy and baked goods. It was an all adult party with no kids so we brought out the alcoholic chocolates for the guests and as an added bonus created a "to-go" cocktail cup for guests to take the candy home.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Upscale Picnic theme
The dessert table was created for a 1 year old's party in a quaint backyard in Pasadena, CA. The colors were baby blue and white and it had an assortment of candy and baked goods.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Pokemon theme
Inspired by the hit TV show and playing cards this party's theme revolved around Pokemon. A customized Pokemon card with the birthday boy's picture is the centerpiece of the table. It had an assortment of baked goodies and delicious yellow and red candy.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Strawberry Shortcake Theme Party
This is strictly candy with a mini chocolate fountain and an array of pink, red and green candies. I created customized candy signs and had a vendor make a centerpiece with the birthday girl’s name on it.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Tea Party theme
Tea Party inspired bridal shower using the colors yellow, green and ivory. The centerpiece is a print from an artist who helped illustrate the movie Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland with the Treasure Cat. The table has an assortment of baked goods as well as customized desserts such as the strawberries with cream cheese frosting and graham crackers on top.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Baby Animal theme
This party was at a restaurant in Orange County, CA for a 1 year old with the theme "baby animals." It mostly had baked goods and very little candy. We customized a basket of animal cake pops as well as animal toppings for the cream puffs. Chocolate lollipops with the number 1 and the birthday girl's name was on it.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Minnie Mouse theme
This party was for a 3 year old's birthday with a Minnie Mouse theme. It has an assortment of candies as well as customized chocolate treats like strawberries with minnie mouse bows on it as well as rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate with mini Oreo ears.
A Little Sugar Portfolio Tinkerbell theme
The party was for a 1 year old in a kid's museum in Pasadena, CA. The theme was Tinkerbell and had about 30 guests. We created a customized lollipop tree with Tinkerbell illustrations floating. A vendor created the cake and cupcakes, everything else was provided by A Little Sugar.

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